Time to Level Up


A Note From Bryan: I’ve been playing a TON of pickleball lately. Mostly losing, but having a blast while doing it. Do you play pickleball? Let me know!

In this episode of the PBH Podcast, we speak with Todd Abrams. Todd is the Founder and CEO of Icon Meals. We cover in this episode:

- Todd's earlier years and being called names like "Lumpy" and how that motivated him to get fit.
- Todd's concept of Time collapsing.
- How working at Honda lead him to starting his own business
- How to find mentors
- Todd's morning routine.
- What he does to constantly level up.
- Todd's incredible relationship with his wife.
- Balancing being a father, husband and entrepreneur

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If you didn’t notice by now, I love to run. Running, even just a short sprint a few times a week, can add years to your life and cut your risk of serious diseases. You don't have to be a marathoner; quick jogs can slash your death risk and boost mental health big time. Less can be more with running, and even a little bit is way better than nothing at all.

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