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A Note: After a few weeks off and speaking with the community, two changes are coming. 1. The newsletter will be once per week. 2. The newsletter will be condensed. Let me know what you think of the new format below!

100 Years of Advice 👵🏻👴🏽

I’ve been thinking a lot about longevity lately. I’d like to think that my genetics and lifestyle can get me to the 100 year old mark, but in the event my choices are not satisfactory, I can listen to the advice of the centenarians in this article. The Washington Post interviewed 14 centenarians and asked them how they managed to get to that age. CLICK HERE to read the full article

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Ikigai 😊

I just finished reading a book about Ikigai, which translates to “Reason for meaning”. This book by Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles explores the Japanese concept of finding one's purpose in life by analyzing the habits and beliefs of the world's longest-living people. Sometimes I get derailed with the stressors of the day and forget why I do what I do. This book helped me figure out what my Ikigai and is a constant reminder to live with intention and cut out all the noise. CHECK IT OUT HERE

Putting Myself Out There 🏓

I’ve been playing a TON of Pickleball lately. What I love most is it’s so easy to learn, but so hard to master. Day in and day out I am getting pummeled with balls by guys in knee braces, 2 times my senior. It’s a humbling and exciting experience every single time I’m on the courts. That being said, I entered into my first tournament that’s happening in the middle of this month. The bracket I entered in is the “intermediate level”. I think I am punching above my weight class here but I am going in with the mentality that I am going for fun, even though the competitor in me wants to win. I’lll keep you posted on my results.

Season 2 is COMING…🎙️

Season 1 of the PBH Podcast wrapped last year. The focus was bringing on new guests every single week. In Season 2, we are going to focus on just Josy and I and limit the amount of guests we have on the show. The feedback we received was you really like when Josy and I chat about life as entrepreneurs, parents and spouses. First show goes live February 16th

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