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A Note From Bryan: As promised, this week we have a double header for the podcast! Check out this weeks special Wednesday episode below!

In this episode of the PBH Podcast, we talk to Mather Wiswall, Founder and Commissioner of The Florida Grid League (@flgridleague).

A little about the Grid League: GRID is the future of team sports. Men and women compete side by side with various specialties and body types working together in the ultimate race-based game of teamwork and strategy.

We cover in this episode:

- The sport of Grid
- What goes behind the production of a live sporting event.
- Running a business with family.
- Comparing The Grid League to UFC, Soccer, Crossfit and others.
- Generating storytelling in sports.
- Integrating AI in the Grid League

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Every 40 seconds, an American gets a surprise visit from the dreaded stroke fairy, especially the over-65 crowd. Here's the game plan to avoid the party: Shake a leg for at least 150 minutes a week (vacuuming counts, folks), munch on that Mediterranean goodness, and remember, binge-watching is better than binge-drinking. And, like in any good horror movie, know the signs—FAST (Face drooping, Arm weakness, Speech difficulty, Time to call 911)—so you can make a swift exit.

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