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happy chickens = happy customers

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A Note: I’m happy to announce our community is now over 100k strong! Thank you for sharing this with your friends, family and coworkers! 🎉

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Matt O'Hayer, a guy who's kicked off around 50 businesses, started Vital Farms back in 2007. It's all about top-notch, pasture-raised eggs, coming from a bunch of family farms. He began with just 27 acres and 20 Rhode Island Red hens near Austin, Texas. Now, his vision's blown up big time – Vital Farms is worth over $450 million.

Worried about radiation from your smartphone? Experts say there's no need to fret. While smartphones do emit non-ionizing radiation, decades of research haven't linked this to health issues like cancer. In fact, this type of radiation isn't powerful enough to damage DNA. Despite some flawed studies suggesting risks, most health authorities, including the FDA, confirm that smartphone radiation is safe. So, while excessive phone use might affect sleep or relationships, radiation shouldn't be a concern.

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 ✅ 7 Pickleball Warmup Exercises - Pickleball's fun and easy-to-learn nature is leading many to skip a crucial step: warming up. Despite its accessibility, pickleball can still lead to injuries like sprained ankles and strained backs, with over 66,000 emergency visits predicted in the U.S. this year.

✅ Collagen Improves Performance - Check out this study on the effects of specific collagen peptides (SCP) supplementation on running performance in men revealing some notable benefits.

✅ Ultra Processed Foods Increase Cancer Risk - A recent study highlights the health risks associated with certain ultra-processed foods, particularly those based on animal products and artificial sweeteners. These foods, including processed meats and sweetened beverages, are linked to an increased risk of multiple chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes.

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