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Holidays sometimes = weird interactions with family. Folks share their holiday survival hacks: Stephanie hosts laid-back gatherings for her special needs son, Jamie jams on the guitar to dodge political spats with his brother, and Roger sticks to safe topics like football to keep the peace. It's all about making the holidays less stressful and more enjoyable in their own ways.

Betsy McBride, a ballet soloist, shares her travel tips for staying in top shape. Key points include doing yoga or stretches before flights, drinking plenty of water, wearing compression garments, and moving around on the plane. Her way to fight jet lag is great! These tips are great for anyone looking to combat the strains of long flights.

Hey there, coffee lover! Ready to swap your regular cuppa for something that not only wakes you up but also keeps you sharp? Four Sigmatic's Think Starter Kit has revolutionized my morning ritual. Imagine sipping on a brew that's infused with lion’s mane for focus and chaga for immune support. I don’t get any caffeine jitters or midday crashes. Plus, it's organic, plant-based, and gluten-free, so you can feel good about every sip.

With the Think Starter Kit, you get two bags of Think Ground Coffee, Think Vanilla Coconut Creamer, and a Focus Mushroom Blend that's all about enhancing mental focus and support healthy moods. And the best part? You'll start noticing the benefits in as little as 7 days, feeling more focused and productive without the usual coffee comedown.

So, why not give your brain a boost with something that's tested for toxins and packed with organic goodness? Click the link to grab your Think Starter Kit and start each day with a mindful cup of coffee that's as good for your mind as it is for your taste buds. Get your Think Starter Kit here and transform your coffee into a cup of magic (minus the psychedelics, of course).

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