Almost had em.

So close...

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So close…

A Note: Yes… I failed. I thought I was going to be able to accomplish it but I fell on my face.

Before I get into it

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My First Tournament Results 🏓 

I was going to talk about this on our podcast but the baby had other plans. I played my first Pickleball tournament a couple of weeks ago. I honestly did not expect much, as I’ve only been playing for a couple months. When I arrived, it was a cool Miami morning. Going into the last match, I had two wins and two losses. I was going against the best person in the bracket.

I thought for sure I was going to be crushed, but then something happened. 1,2,4…6 points ahead of him! I was actually winning! I can feel Josy looking through the fence, she was calm. She didn’t have any expectations either. She just wanted to see me have a good time. But my good time ended when my opponent came back and we were tide 10-10.

He serves, I hit the ball out, it’s over. I almost had him. Maybe next time. I ended the day with 2 Wins and 3 Loses. I’ll be back stronger.

How are you feeling? 💪🏼

This is usually the time of year where people’s resolutions fall off. But I have other plans. Before PBH, I owned/coached a gym for 5 years. I loved building a community of like minded people who wanted to look and feel better. I’ve been secretly building this online wellness community on the backend and I’m going to release it soon. Workouts, grocery lists, meal plans, and weekly calls with me! Let me know on the poll below if you’d be interested in this community.

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This wellness community will have weekly workouts, grocery shopping lists, meal plans and weekly calls with me for accountability!

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